• The main tools in our business activity are fleet vehicles with GVW> 3.5t, due to which we can provide the transport of entrusted goods. We have various types of vehicles so we can always offer a car suitable to the Customer’s needs. All of our fleet vehicles are covered by: liability insurance, comprehensive cover and ASSISTANCE, and the transported loads – by carrier’s liability insurance in domestic and international transport. Our insurance policy covers loads with the value not exceeding 100,000 €. Every vehicle is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS).

Renault Trafic:

volume: 6m3
length: 2,5m
height 1,28m
width 1,65m
load capacity: up to 1,2t
(up to 3 europallets)

Renault Master Furgon:

volume: 12m3
length: 3,73m
height 1,78m
width 1,75m
load capacity: up to 1,5t
(up to 5 europallets)

Renault Master plandeka:

volume: 23,5m3
length: 4,45m
height 2,35m
width 2,25m
load capacity: up to 1,5t
(up to 9 europallets)

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